Author: Colton Ray

Genesis Reviews


Battlemaster mixed action and strategy with less than stellar results, but there’s still some merit in playing. The world is interesting, and there are some fun mechanics among the clumsy HUD interface and execution. It may not be on the same level as Warsong, but it’s still worth a play.

Genesis Reviews

Incredible Crash Dummies, The

The Incredible Crash Dummies somehow got a toy line and a cartoon show, so of course there had to be a video game tie-in. It’s short and saddled with poor control, not offering much for its license. Though not the worst platforming experience out there, your time would be better spent with any of the better Genesis offerings in the category.

Genesis Reviews

Mike Ditka Power Football

In 1991, Accolade threw its helmet into the Genesis football arena. It was a welcome addition at the time, since there were few options and fans were eager for games. But with the Genesis library filled with Joe Montana and Madden entries, is it still worth playing? Probably not.