Author: Clarke Gibson

Saturn Reviews

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei

The original Panzer Dragoon debuted with the Saturn’s launch, and it was quite an impressive title. The sequel amped up everything good about its predecessor, adding some stunning environments and a cool dragon evolution dynamic. It’s one of the top releases for the console and one that everyone should play.

Sega CD Reviews

Ecco: The Tides of Time (CD)

The Ecco the Dolphin series is one that many people love and enjoy, given its intriguing gameplay and incredible atmosphere. The games showed their potential on the Sega CD, adding stunning soundtracks and video sequences. Tides of Time was a great example of the power of CD being used to make a great game even better.

Genesis Reviews


First-person shooters on the Genesis are few and far between. What’s worse is that some of that minuscule number didn’t even make it to all territories. Domark’s Bloodshot was one such game. Released in Europe (and in Germany as Battle Frenzy), it didn’t shoot its way to America until Good Deal Games snatched up the rights to the Sega CD version a decade later. Most likely a victim of a change in hardware focus, Bloodshot is actually a pretty competent FPS.