Author: Cedric Van Der Hauwaert

Genesis Reviews


Virgin Games was entrusted with bringing to the Genesis James Cameron’s apocalyptic vision of a man fighting to avoid the death of the one person who could prevent world domination by ruthless machines. In addition to the cartridge game, versions of Terminator were released for the Sega CD and Game Gear, both of which turned out pretty darn good.

Genesis Reviews

Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game

Double Dragon has been around in one form or another since it exploded onto the arcade scene in 1987, producing innumerable immitators. As time wore on, however, Technos went in all different directions with the franchise, even going so far as to team Billy and Jimmy with the Battletoads! While none of the games released over the years have been particularly bad, some have definitely been lacking. Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game is probably one of the worst offenders, and many consider it to be the dark horse of the franchise. But is it really so bad?