Author: David Wilson

Sega 32X Reviews

Cosmic Carnage

One of the few fighters created just for the 32X was an obscure game called Cosmic Carnage. It was released only on the 32X, so it is virtually unknown due to that add-on’s failure (it wasn’t the only game to suffer such a fate). A beat-em-up with little innovation or any special qualities to make it stand out in the crowd Cosmic Carnage wasn’t anything special and if you haven’t played it, then don’t worry because you haven’t really missed out on anything.

Genesis Reviews

Divine Sealing

Hentai has been around in gaming for the longest time, but very rarely has it ever tried to go mainstream. When it does, it’s usually nothing more than a half-baked attempt at trading gameplay for some cheap T&A. Divine Sealing is one such unabashed example of a game trying to cover up its glaring faults with digital nakedness. Honestly, when nudity is no help, you know something is very, very wrong…