Author: Eric Voirin

Genesis Reviews

World Cup Italia ’90

Coming to America as World Championship Soccer, World Cup Italia ’90 originally saw a release in Europe, where it featured a few differences from its U.S. counterpart. Aside from some realistic player names (and a new title and box art, obviously), it also boasts an official FIFA license, something the American version lacked. Primitive when compared to EA’s efforts, it can still be fun with a friend.

Genesis Reviews

Shi Kin Joh

Sometimes, you find a game that seemed to completely escape you, and when you finally play it, it’s great. Sunsoft’s Shi Kin Joh is a perfect example of this. A cool Japanese maze game, it was actually compatible with the short-lived Mega Modem in Japan. Things like this make me that much angrier when I think of all the cool stuff we missed out on.