Author: Janus

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Captain America and the Avengers

Most super hero games turn out, well… less than good. Ah hell, let’s be honest. Most of them just plain suck. With Captain America & the Avengers, Data East took a campy, corny arcade game and brought it home pretty faithfully to the Genesis. Still, a good port of a bad game is still a bad game. To see how bad it can get, read our full review.

Genesis Reviews


The Punisher was a decent arcade brawler that made the jump to the Genesis mostly intact. Whether it’s alone or with a friend, there’s some classic Capcom beat-’em-up action to be had here, so read and see if this one is worth the high asking price.

Genesis Reviews

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker stands as an unforgettable conformation of both the King of Pop’s weirdness and coolness. Unfortunately, it also serves as a reminder that stripped down arcade ports leave a sour taste in the mouth and that attempting to rectify the limitations of the console you’re porting down to is a bad move.