Author: Matt Frey

Genesis Reviews

Batman Forever

There have been tons of Batman games over the years, but exactly how many were memorable? Not many, that’s for sure, and with turds like Batman Forever in that repertoire, it’s no surprise. Horribly repetitive gameplay and terrible character design make this a major contributor to Acclaim’s tarnished legacy.

Sega 32X Reviews

Brutal: Above the Claw

Ok, give us an upgrade and we expect all the good stuff from before with a few tweaks, as well as some new stuff. What we don’t expect is a game that plays worse than the original, especially when it’s on more powerful hardware. Games like Brutal: Above the Claw was why the 32X was never taken seriously. When your 16-bit version plays better and is more fun, why upgrade? Still, we have a review for those of you considering a purchase anyway. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Sega CD Reviews

Mortal Kombat (CD)

Controversial, innovative, all flash and no substance: Mortal Kombat has been called it all. When the famous fighter eventually made its way to the Sega CD, fans were hoping for a true system seller that would blow every other version out of the water. Did they get it? Not…exactly.