Author: Noel Franks

Genesis Reviews

Davis Cup World Tour

Tennis is one of the most competitive sports there is, and very few events are more challenging than the Davis Cup. Be it in singles or doubles competition, the stakes are too high to allow even the most minor error, and those who stumble have only next year to look forward to. Tengen made a stellar effort to bring the action home on the Genesis, and Davis Cup World Tour remains one of the best tennis titles on the console.

Genesis Reviews

Bubba ‘N Stix

In a perfect world, the Amiga and Genesis would have gotten married and had some great-looking 16-bit kids. There was definitely something there, as games from the popular computer frequently appeared on Sega’s console. Lots of great titles were made available to Genny owners, including the great Bubba ‘N Stix. A great platformer that made players use their minds as much as their hands, it was great fun all around that more people need to play.