Author: Brian Fielding

Sega CD Reviews

Prince of Persia (CD)

Jordan Mechner’s computer classic Prince of Persia has found its way onto virtually every game platform imaginable. Its timeless gameplay and incredible challenge still hold up, despite all the advances in hardware, and many of the later, more graphically powerful renditions never managed to match the fluidity and intuitiveness of Mechner’s original. The Sega CD port tried to keep that special charm intact while adding some of the bells and whistles of CD technology. The results were mixed, and people still take sides today in regards to its quality.

Genesis Reviews

King of the Monsters 2

Takara made sure that all those gamers who didn’t have $500 to pony up for a Neo Geo AES system weren’t left without playing all the cool games that made the console so attractive. Genesis owners got a ton of ports, and while some weren’t up to par with the arcade originals, most were pretty competent. King of the Monsters 2 was one conversion that took a different route than its coin-op sibling, and the result was a game that was quite fun to play.

Genesis Reviews

Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters

In this age of high definition, light gun games are increasingly rare (unless you count the Wii and its pointer controls). The Genesis may not have had a ton of them back in the day, but it did have some fun ones. A particularly successful light gun game was Konami’s Lethal Enforcers 2: Gunfighters. It’s limited due to the compromises made during the conversion to the home market, but it’s still a blast (ha!) to play. And it’s another reason to use your Justifier!