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Lost in the Arcade: Capcom Games

Lost in the Arcade returns with another installment of those great coin-ops that we never got to experience at home. This time, we take a look at some games Capcom decided to leave behind. From such greats as Alien vs. Predator to cult favorites like Varth: Operation Thunderstorm, Segaphiles would surely have loved to enjoy any of these ten games on their Genesis, Sega CD, or 32X.

Features, Lost in the Arcade

Lost in the Arcade: Sega Games

With the incredible arcade pedigree it had, Sega left a bunch of its hits off its home consoles, titles that could have made the Sega CD and 32X true contenders. That is, of course, if the two add-ons could have handled them. The first installment in our Lost in the Arcade series looks at some of those games we feel would have been welcome at home during the 16-bit revolution. Check it out and see what could have been.