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Golden Axe III

The third installment in the Golden Axe series never left Japan, and with good reason. Aside from a few good ideas, such as branching paths, the game comes off as extremely watered-down when compared to the original, which came out half a decade before it.

Genesis Reviews


Pulseman is an import-only platformer that came out late in the Mega Drive’s life span. As one of the many triple A-quality games that SOA either didn’t promote (Ristar) or ignored altogether (Monster World IV), Pulseman lost much of its intended audience. Over the years it became one of those import gems that leaves one wondering what the heck Sega of America was thinking.

Genesis Reviews

Alisia Dragoon

Released for the Genesis in 1992, Alisia Dragoon is an obscure little gem that never got the praise it deserved, probably thanks to SOA’s brilliant marketing division (Gunstar Heroes or Ristar anyone?). Developed by Game Arts and boasting some excellent action and gameplay, it is, in my opinion, a game well worth hunting down.