Genesis Reviews

Burning Force

Namco was one of the first companies to provide much needed third party support for the Genesis. Along with Phelios (awesome shmup), they released Burning Force, a Space Harrier-type shooter that tries very hard to emulate that pioneering title. Unfortunately, it comes up a bit short.

Genesis Reviews


MERCS is a top-down run-‘n-gun a la Ikari Warriors that was released in arcades in the early ’90s. The Genesis version actually 1ups its older sibling by having two separate modes of play: arcade and original. In arcade mode, your mission is to rescue a former U.S. president. In original, you must destroy a foreign nation’s supply of ballistic missiles.

Genesis Reviews

Mega Turrican

Data East brought us one of the best run-‘-n-gunners on the Genesis, and gamers were amazed at the evolution of Turrican from his original Accolade release. That had a lot to do with these being the only Turrican titles released on the platform, but what a way to cap off the series!