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History of: Wonder Boy

Wonderboy is without a doubt one of the finest franchises of 8 and 16 bit gaming. Easily capable of holding its own with classic staples like Zelda and Mario, the Wonderboy games have gone woefully unappreciated, not because they’re inaccessible, but simply because so few have even played them. Those that have experienced the backbone games of this series know that it is truly one of gaming’s greatest.

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Lists of Fury: 10 Best Genesis Games with Bad Box Art

Nothing screams “communication breakdown” like bad box art. To have a game be in development for months, sometimes years, and have the end result of so much effort be wrapped in an ugly box tends to give the impression that no one gave a crap anymore by the time distribution came. Too many times this is true. However, there are actually quite a few cases where the game inside the box belies its unattractive shell and is either a decent play or true classic. Come along as Sega-16 takes a look at ten of the best Genesis games to overcome their promotional handicaps and actually make something of themselves.

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When Sega decided to convert Strider, it was a daunting task. Weighing in at a hefty eight megs, it was the first cart of that size to ever be released on a home console outside of anything Neo Geo. In order to maintain everything that made the coin-op original so popular, Sega had to squeeze every iota of memory they could from the ROM. For all intents and purposes, it was a resounding success, even if the game retailed for about $10 than others at the time (hey, it was 8 megs!).