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Genesis Reviews

Thunder Force II

You are not a hard-core Thunder Force junkie if you do not own this game. With superior design creating fun gameplay, this game is it, without a doubt. And if you haven’t guessed, this title comes highly recommended. So get off your butt and go find a copy before they become any harder to find.

Sega CD Reviews

Final Fight CD

I remember when the SNES version of Final Fight hit the streets. It sold like hot cakes and though it had been eagerly anticipated, many were returned the same day. No Guy? No two player mode? Levels missing and names changed? Flicker and slowdown all over the place? Many of my friends swore a Sicilian curse at Capcom that day and were bitter over it for a long time. Never having an arcade version near me for comparison, for a long time I couldn’t see what all the controversy was about, until I played the Sega CD version.

Genesis Reviews

ToeJam & Earl

ToeJam & Earl is one of the best games on Genesis, hands down. It’s fast and quirky fun and many people consider it one of the best and most addictive games to be released in the magical Genesis year of 1991. It’s the type of game that never seems to get tiresome.

Genesis Reviews

Castlevania Bloodlines

Finally, could it really be a Castlevania game for the Genesis? After years of turning a deaf ear to anything Sega, Konami finally hears the cries from fans and delivers a title to the 16-bit wonder. What’s even more amazing is that it isn’t a port of any of the NES or SNES games; it’s an original chapter in the Castlevania mythos. But is it any good?