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Genesis Reviews

World Championship Soccer

The Genesis debuted in 1989 with a wide variety of games from all genres, sports included. Alongside the great Tommy Lasorda Baseball and the simple, yet fun Arnold Palmer Golf was a soccer game that well, sucked. To be honest, World Championship Soccer wasn’t even fun when it came out, and with the plethora of incredible soccer games to be had on the system, there’s no reason on Earth to play it today.

Genesis Reviews


The Genesis launch had a pretty good line up of games that tried to cover as wide a range of genres as possible. Zoom! made a valiant attempt to fill the maze game niche, and while it demonstrated some serious potential, it was ultimately undone by repetitive gameplay and extreme simplicity.

Genesis Reviews

Mystic Defender

Remember when the Genesis launched and there were so many cool games to play? Yes, that September and the following months were chock full of great releases, and among them was Mystic Defender, a spiritual sequel, of sorts, to the Master System’s SpellCaster. It had great graphics and gameplay, and plenty of weird enemies to dispatch.