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The Genesis launch had a pretty good line up of games that tried to cover as wide a range of genres as possible. Zoom! made a valiant attempt to fill the maze game niche, and while it demonstrated some serious potential, it was ultimately undone by repetitive gameplay and extreme simplicity.

Genesis Reviews

Mystic Defender

Remember when the Genesis launched and there were so many cool games to play? Yes, that September and the following months were chock full of great releases, and among them was Mystic Defender, a spiritual sequel, of sorts, to the Master System’s SpellCaster. It had great graphics and gameplay, and plenty of weird enemies to dispatch.

Genesis Reviews

Herzog Zwei

Technosoft was one of the truly great videogame studios. Based in Japan, they are best known for their brilliantly innovative shoot-em-ups, their careful attention to visual detail, and their unforgettable musical scores. They hit their creative peak in the early ’90s on the Sega Genesis: the masterful Thunder Force series; the surprisingly clever Elemental Master; a superb rendition of the best video pinball game ever made, Devil’s Crush. And early in the Genesis’ life span lay a little gem called Herzog Zwei.