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Sword of Vermilion

The first stab at an RPG by the arcade legends at AM2, Sword of Vermilion got some things right and just a tab bit more wrong. The result was a mediocre effort that, while worth playing, isn’t what would be expected by such a talented team. Chalk it up to growing pains?

Genesis Reviews

Sword of Sodan

Electronic Arts thought to compete with Golden Axe by releasing a slasher of its own. However noble the company’s intentions, however, the game it backed fell well short of the mark, and Sword of Sodan is forever associated with the worst in the genre.

Genesis Reviews


Compile’s M.U.S.H.A. is often hailed as one of the best vertical shooters ever made. Indeed, few can doubt the overall quality of this game and its place in the pantheon of Genesis shmups. But is it really all it’s hyped to be? Why not read out review and find out?