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Wings of Wor

Dreamworks had been quiet for quite a while, not releasing any other titles since Trampoline Terror, Target Earth, or even the horrid puzzler, Shove it!: The Warehouse Game. So many people did not look towards Dreamworks for hot games, especially given their past reputation with some of those previous (and crappy) titles. But low and behold, after laying low for a couple of years, they came back and brought us Wings of Wor. Thankfully so, it’s actually fairly good

Genesis Reviews

Arrow Flash

Back around 1990 when the Genesis was first trying to get established in the market, we began to see a swarm of shooters from a few companies all striving for a buck. Renovation was one of those companies, usually translating those mediocre to okay titles from the Mega Drive to the states. Of those titles brought to us was Arrow Flash and I must say that this is one of the better titles Renovation Products ported over.

Genesis Reviews


When Sega decided to convert Strider, it was a daunting task. Weighing in at a hefty eight megs, it was the first cart of that size to ever be released on a home console outside of anything Neo Geo. In order to maintain everything that made the coin-op original so popular, Sega had to squeeze every iota of memory they could from the ROM. For all intents and purposes, it was a resounding success, even if the game retailed for about $10 than others at the time (hey, it was 8 megs!).