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Genesis Reviews

Rolo to the Rescue

Considering this 1992 Genesis game was produced by EA, a company more commonly associated with the sporting genre, it makes it all the more surprising that they produced this slick, child orientated platform game. From the super sickly storyline, through the chunky cartoon characters and finishing with some of the jauntiest music I have ever heard coming from a 16-bit system this screams “for under-10’s” only. But look past that initial cute and fluffy exterior and you’ll find an engrossing and challenging game that is definitely not just for kids.

Genesis Reviews

Double Dragon

Technos launched a genre into stardom and created a massive franchise with Double Dragon, and the game has been made available for just about every console ever made. The Genesis version should have been arcade perfect, but somehow, Technos managed to screw it up. While not unplayable, it’s a far cry from what it should have been.

Sega CD Reviews

Cobra Command

The Sega CD debuted with few titles that really showed off its capabilities, and although scorned today, Cobra Command was unlike anything most gamers had experienced on home consoles at the time. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and gameplay is what really matters. Does this hold up? Read our review and see.