Author: Nick Gibson

Sega CD Reviews

Heavy Nova (CD)

Before Genesis gamers had the chance to be disappointed by the plodding and frustrating gameplay of Heavy Nova, Micronet unleashed the game to Japanese Mega CD owners. As one would imagine, it was the same bad game embellished with a CD soundtrack, giving importers very little reason to trade up from their cartridge version. Heavy Nova is bad, no matter on what format it appears.

Genesis Reviews

Time Killers

Time Killers! You loved it in arcades! You clamored for a home port, and here it is! If anything, it’s a perfect example of being careful of what you wish for. What? You mean you didn’t want this turd on the Genesis? Ah well, in that case you have our condolences.

Genesis Reviews

Skeleton Krew

Say what you will about Core Design now, but back on the Genesis and Sega CD it was smokin’ hot. Soul Star, AH3 Thunderstrike… all games that really took advantage of their hardware. Skeleton Krew wasn’t as much of a graphical showcase as those two, but it was decidedly different at the time. Unfortunately, it may have been a bit too different, and the gameplay took a hit as a result.

Genesis Reviews

No Escape

Ah, licensed slop. It’s everywhere, no matter which console you own, and it’s managed to transcend hardware generations like some mutant virus that morphs into a new strain every five years or so. The Genesis was no exception, as evident by today’s poor example of wasted silicon. Sony Imagesoft continued its tradition of horrible licensed software with No Escape, a game surprisingly done by the mostly awesome-on-Genesis Psygnosis. What happened? Maybe it was an off day, or maybe the development budget all went towards women and booze. No one knows, and after playing this turd, no one probably cares either.