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Dreamcast Reviews

Crazy Taxi

Let’s get crazy! Sega’s Crazy Taxi exploded onto the arcade scene in 1999, and a stellar conversion hit the Dreamcast the next year. With new options and modes, as well as all the punk rock-filled action of the original, this port was one many spent days at a time playing. No Dreamcast owner should be without it.

Sega CD Reviews

Bug Blasters: The Exterminators

When the Sega CD went under, it took with it a lot of games in development, and little by little those games are coming back in some form or another. Penn & Teller’s Smoke & Mirrors was recently leaked onto the Internet, and a few others have even been finished up and sold. Among those available for purchase is a long-forgotten FMV game by those champions of mediocrity, Sony Imagesoft. Bug Blasters: The Exterminators goes beyond camp, and the game is so laughably bad that it gives anti-FMV stalwarts all the ammunition they need to say “’nuff said” any time the topic comes up.

Sega CD Reviews

Star Strike

Seven years ago, Good Deal Games published Star Strike, an unfinished FMV game that was slated to be forgotten by time. After some work and publishing, the Sega CD had yet another posthumous addition to its library. Is it really worth tracking down though? Some say that any dead FMV game is a good one, but you just might be surprised here.