Author: Sebastian Sponsel

Saturn Reviews


Konami’s unique blend of shooter action and cutesy humor was a big hit in Japan and Europe and was collected into a great two-game set. Sadly, U.S. gamers never got a release. They missed a solid collection that looked as good as it played. But, that’s what importing is for!

Saturn Reviews

Enemy Zero

Warp’s ambitious, sci-fi survival horror romp was unique on the Saturn but it was also not very exciting. Repetitive environments, vague objectives, and uninspired puzzles take away from the amazing ambiance. Still, you might want to check out Enemy Zero just to experience the tension and fear for yourself.

Genesis Reviews


It took the better part of an entire decade, but WaterMelon’s massive brawler Paprium has finally arrived. After so long and so many promises, does it live up to expectations? The answer is mixed, but it’s definitely a game that’s worth giving some playtime.

Saturn Reviews

Magic Knight Rayearth

One of the first games announced for the Saturn ending up being its swan song in North America. U.S. fans waited anxiously for the beautiful action/RPG that never seemed to arrive. In the end, they got a solid title that missed its window to really impress but was still a solid entry in the Saturn’s library.