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Genesis Reviews

David Robinson’s Supreme Court

Sega’s second attempt at a basketball game was only slightly better than the first, but at least there were signs of improvement. There must have been a slight hiccup with the basketball license though, as Laker coach Pat Riley was swapped out (traded?) for San Antonio legend David “the Admiral” Robinson.

Genesis Reviews

Evander Holyfield’s “Real Deal” Boxing

Evander Holyfield shocked the boxing world when he took the heavyweight championship from Buster Douglas. It was only Douglas’ first defense, and the defeat demoralized him so much that he retired from boxing. Holyfield, on the other hand, went to make history as the only man to win the belt four times. Along the way, he found time to endorse a Genesis game, which like his skills, was light years ahead of his predecessor. “Real Deal” Boxing featured great visuals and solid gameplay, and it had an interesting customization dynamic that is still fun to play today.

Genesis Reviews

Greatest Heavyweights

Boxing has been referred to as the “sweet science,” but its history in video games has been more sweet and sour. From gems like Punch Out! and Fight Night to duds like Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing, there’s been a bit of everything over the years. Sega threw its hat in the ring several times during the Genesis era, and one of its better tries was Greatest Heavyweights, which pitted many of boxing’s most famous legends against each other.