Author: Alex Burr

Genesis Reviews

Nigel Mansell’s World Championship

There are lots of racers on the Genesis, and while most are worth playing, relatively few stand out above the pack. The majority tend to fall somewhere in the middle – not bad and not great. Nigel Mansell fits that description pretty well, as it doesn’t manage to pull ahead. Simplicity isn’t always a bad thing though, and despite its mediocre gameplay and visuals, some might still find it worth a few spins.

Double Take, Features

Double Take: Paperboy 2

Atari’s Paperyboy is considered an arcade classic, so when Mindscape and Tengen combined to produce a sequel, fans were naturally skeptical. Thankfully, the resulting game was a fun romp that did the original justice, even though it never came close to achieving the same level of greatness. Still, it’s worth spending some time with if it can be had for a low price.

Genesis Reviews

NHLPA Hockey ‘93

Electronic Arts has long been associated with quality sports games, but some of its releases have flown a bit under the radar, and with good reason. The NHLPA Hockey series evolved into the popular and long-lived NHL juggernaut, but did EA hit the rink running with this initial installment or serve up a body check? Read on and see!

Genesis Reviews


Stallone has more than a couple of games on the Genesis, and they all range widely in quality, just like his movies. Some, like Rambo III, are quite good, and others initially seem horrible but warm up to you the more you play them. Cliffhanger fits neatly into the second category. It doesn’t really t make any effort to stand out among 16-bit beat-’em-ups, good or bad.