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Genesis Reviews

Addams Family Values

They’ve been creepy and kooky for decades now, and there have actually been a fair amount of Addams Family games produced for a plethora of platforms. The Genesis received two titles, each based on the movies released in the ’90s. The second game, Addams Family Values, had more of an RPG feel to it than the first one. Was it good enough to light up a bulb or do the Mamushka? Read our full review and see! Praise Raúl!

Genesis Reviews

Addams Family

They’re creepy and kooky, but their game is simply mediocre. The Addams Family on the Genesis is a by-the-numbers platformer that does nothing new and doesn’t do the old stuff as good as a hundred other platformers of the era. It’s a shame that Flying Edge simply went with Ocean’s version instead of trying something new. Heck, an upgrade of Fester’s Quest would have been better.