Author: Melvin Veenstra

Master System Reviews


There were tons of quality Master System games that never came to North America. Among them was perhaps one of the best platformers on the console. Only released in Europe and Brazil, Astérix is everything you’d expect from an awesome Sega title and then some. Find yourself a copy NOW.

Genesis Reviews


Steven Spielberg’s Hook still draws mixed reaction from movie goers. The same goes for the game renditions, which were released on a ton of consoles. Most comparisons are between the Genesis and SNES versions, and while most would agree that Sega fans got the inferior of the two, that doesn’t mean that the game is unplayable or necessarily bad. In fact, it kind of grows on you. Read our full review for all the bangarang details.

Genesis Reviews


The Genesis is home to lots of comic book games. There are plenty of Marvel titles and even a few DC. Also, there are some titles based on independently published comics, like The Tick, Dinosaurs for Hire, and Chakan: The Forever Man. Rubbing elbows with such company is Sega’s Ex-Mutants, based on the Eternity/Amazing/Pied Piper/Malibu series. An action/platformer with little to distinguish itself, it’s still worth spending some time with, provided that said time isn’t important at all and involves little cost.

Genesis Reviews

Lethal Enforcers

Konami’s Lethal Enforcers is a fan favorite, and one of the best reasons to own a light gun. The Genesis version retains most of the charm that made the arcade original so much fun, despite suffering the downgrade that usually happens during the porting process. It’s just as tough as the coin-op too, but thankfully no quarters are needed to play. Read our full review for all the details and ask yourself, do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?