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Interview: David Siller (Designer of Aero the Acrobat)

Many third party companies from the Genesis era disappeared at the end of the 16-bit era, unable to make the transition to new hardware. Of those that did, many more eventually capitulated under the strain of increased development costs. Sunsoft was one publisher that though quite strong on 8-bit machines, became increasingly unable to sustain itself as gaming consoles progressed. Sega-16 was fortunate to speak with former Sunsoft game designer David Siller about the company’s role on the Genesis and subsequent demise. We also chatted with him about his creation of Aero the Acrobat, as well as his adventure as as Sushi-X, the mysterious, fighting game-loving character featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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Aero the Acrobat

During the Genesis’ heyday, it seemed all Companies wanted was their own “Sonic,” a character to call their own and to make them lots of cash. During this period, it was a matter of “quantity” over “quality” and Aero the Acrobat is the best example of this.