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Dreamcast Reviews


Yu Suzuki’s Dreamcast masterpiece was a revolutionary title that blew gamers away when it debuted in 2000. Decades later, it still holds up, with its intricate narrative, large world to explore, and those great little capsule toys! If you haven’t played it yet, what are you waiting for?

Saturn Reviews

Virtua Cop 2 (Saturn)

Sega set a new benchmark for light gun games in 1995 with Virtua Cop 2. Improving on almost everything that made the original game so great, the sequel came locked and loaded to the Saturn, giving players one of the signature titles in the genre. If you own a Saturn, this one needs to be on your shelf.

Saturn Reviews

Daytona USA

Roooolling Staaaaaaaaart! The Saturn’s debut racer suffered from a short draw-in distance and some rough graphics, but it played wonderfully and kept those who bought the console at launch glued to their seats for weeks. Even today, if you can get past the visuals, the game is great fun to play. Let’s go away and fly sky high with Daytona!