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Genesis Reviews

TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament ’96

Sequels are supposed to improve on their predecessors, but sometimes developers decide to experiment. This can lead to changes that weren’t needed, and what could have been a great game becomes another example of lost potential. The TNN series fell victim to this, and instead of wrangling a prize catch, it goes home with an empty bucket.

Genesis Reviews

Chavez II

Boxing is a brutal sport, and few men in the past forty years have been more successful at it than Julio C├ęsar Chavez. the six-time world champion is a national hero in his native Mexico, and his fame was so widespread that he even got his own video game… twice! How’s that for badass? Given that Chavez was such a master of the sweet science in the ring, it stands to reason that a game based on him would be great, right? Well, not really, and his second outing, the imaginatively named Chavez II, is a lesson in mediocrity. A reskinned version of Boxing Legends of the Ring, it does little more than add Chavez to the game.