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Platformers come in all shapes and sizes, and one that most American Genesis gamers missed out on involves a group of crime fighting soccer players. While it might not be the most logically sound premise for a video games, there are far worse out there, and most of those aren’t as much fun.

Genesis Reviews

Arch Rivals

Before NBA Jam, Midway tested the waters with another two-on-two basketbrawl game called Arch Rivals. Regardless of arcade success, the formula didn’t translate well at all on the Genesis, and what we got was basically a shell of the coin-op. Even so, we’ve bravely set out onto the court for a hands-on, and we’ve come back with a full review, so read it before someone pulls our pants down!

Genesis Reviews

Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

Ay Carumba! Gamers everywhere released a collective sigh when Acclaim subsidary Flying Edge took reign of the Simpsons license. It was as though they knew what to expect. They were unfortunately proven right, as Bart vs. the Space Mutants proved to be a frustrating exercise in self punishment. The suffering eventually made its way to Sega Land, and Genesis gamers got to empathize with their NES-owning rivals for once.