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Today, many console gamers enjoy the tower defense genre of games. The genre wasn’t so well known back in 1990, when Atari games released Rampart in the arcades. Featuring play for up to three people simultaneously, it was ported to every console known to man, including the Genesis. Handled by Tengen, the 16-bit version is actually pretty darn good.

Genesis Reviews

Pit Fighter

In the days before Street Fighter II, developers seemed to be struggling with the fighting genre. There were more misses than hits, and few games offered something new and original. Atari’s Pit-Fighter tried to change all that, with its digitized graphics and brutal underground brawling. It was eventually ported to a myriad of consoles, and we have a full review of the Genesis version for you, so grab a bat and some brass knuckles and have a gander.

Genesis Reviews


Released under the Tengen label (an Atari subsidary), Klax ranks among Tetris and Columns as one of the classics of the genre. How well does the Genesis port compare to the arcade hit? Read our review and find out!