Author: Aaron Wilcott

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Tails’ SkyPatrol

The Game Gear gave Sonic’s sidekick Tails a chance to shine, and he was featured in several different types of games. A Japanese exclusive, Tails’ SkyPatrol was a shooter that’s as short as it is colorful. It may not be a long ride, but what’s there is worth looking into.

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Sega Gear: Hamy HG-806 Genesis Clone

Looking for a portable Genesis so you can take your cartridges on the go, but find the Nomad a bit too pricey? Well, there are other options out there! We take a look at a relatively new one, the Hamy HG-806, and put it through its paces. It performs surprisingly well for non-Sega-made hardware, so read on and see if this one fits your needs.

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Today, many console gamers enjoy the tower defense genre of games. The genre wasn’t so well known back in 1990, when Atari games released Rampart in the arcades. Featuring play for up to three people simultaneously, it was ported to every console known to man, including the Genesis. Handled by Tengen, the 16-bit version is actually pretty darn good.