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Genesis Reviews

Brian Lara Cricket ’96

While most Americans are watching football, many around the world enjoy playing cricket. The British sport is played on almost every continent, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there is a Mega Drive version. It also shouldn’t be surprising that it wasn’t released in the U.S. Still, it’s an excellent rendition and a great chance for Genesis owners to learn about this unique and engaging game.

Genesis Reviews

Simpsons: Krusty’s Super Fun House

Damn, is the Simpsons still on the air? The fact that we’ve reviewed games in the series that originated on the NES means that this series has some serious legs or that it’s time to give up the ghost. There were quite a few games released in the series, including Krusty’s Super Funhouse, an odd little puzzler that had the famous clown ridding his fun house of a rat infestation. The entire Simpsons gang is along for the ride, and the gameplay is actually quite fun.