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Genesis Reviews

Saint Sword

A Genesis exclusive, Saint Sword seemed to be more impressive in the box then plugged into the console. Taito missed the boat with this one in a big way, failing to take advantage of the excellent transformation dynamic. What it instead gave us was a generic action slasher, with some morphing tossed in for good measure. Even so, Saint Sword is playable and might be worth looking into.

Genesis Reviews


The Genesis launch had a pretty good line up of games that tried to cover as wide a range of genres as possible. Zoom! made a valiant attempt to fill the maze game niche, and while it demonstrated some serious potential, it was ultimately undone by repetitive gameplay and extreme simplicity.

Genesis Reviews

Shadow Blasters

A mediocre action title from defunct developer Sage’s Creation, Shadow Blasters offered little in the way of variety or presentation. It’s worth a look, at least for the half hour it lasts, but those looking for a deeper experience should definitely look elsewhere.