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Genesis Reviews

ESPN Baseball Tonight

With all the different baseball games on the Genesis, it’s quite possible to skip over a few. For many players, Sports Talk Baseball or World Series Baseball are all that’s needed, but there are some good alternatives out there. ESPN’s entry, for instance, may be unremarkable, but it’s a solid game worth playing with a friend.

Sega CD Reviews

ESPN National Hockey Night (CD)

The Sega CD has only a few hockey games, and most fans choose to swat their pucks in cartridge form. When looking at games like, this, it become painfully clear why. Sony Imagesoft’s CD rendition of ESPN National Hockey Night offers little over its cartridge sibling save for some awful load times and grainy video. Check this one and stick (ha!) with the cartridge version.

Genesis Reviews

ESPN Sunday Night NFL

With all the football games available on the Genesis, you’d expect some of them to be bad. What you wouldn’t expect is for any of them to be this bad. ESPN Sunday Night NFL is a train wreck of a game that does nothing to keep players interested, and about the only real football sensation anyone will get from playing it is that of a quarterback when they toss this turd across the room.

Genesis Reviews

ESPN National Hockey Night

Electronic Arts has a reputation for being at the top of the hockey heap, but there have been some serious contenders over the years. One that sat particularly well with fans was Sony Imagesoft’s ESPN National Hockey Night. Offering great graphics, solid gameplay and multiple views, it was a great alternative to those who chose not to play the NHL series.