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Sega 32X Reviews

Fahrenheit (32X)

The FMV deluge continues! The 32X version of Sega’s Fahrenheit came bundled with the regular Sega CD game. The difference? Better video quality! Unfortunately, it’s the same game otherwise. Take a deep breath and read our full review and remember, when your house is filled with FMV games, stop, drop, and roll!

Sega CD Reviews


Being a fireman isn’t easy, and let me tell you, playing a FMV game about one is no picnic either! Though you’re safe from the heat, it’s hell on your fingers as you struggle to press the correct command in time! Seriously, another one of Sega’s full-motion releases for the Genesis CD add-n, Fahrenheit wasn’t that bad a game, and Sega was nice enough to include a much cleaner 32XCD version along with the stock CD game for the same price.