Author: Doug Jackson

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3 Ninjas Kick Back

3 Ninjas Kick Back did a decent enough job of breaking the cycle of poor licensed video games. It’s not perfect, but it won’t waste your time. The Sega CD version added a few bells and whistles to the presentation, along with a few exclusive stages, possibly making this the best version to play. If you’re looking for a solid platformer, this one is worth a look.

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The Master System saw its fair share of sword-slinging action, and one game that many have overlooked is Kenseiden. Though not perfect (and quite challenging), the game is worth spending some time with. Great visuals and a variety of levels are sometimes overshadowed by the stiff gameplay, but there’s fun to be had.

Master System Reviews

My Hero

A year after its 1985 arcade debut, Sega released a home port of its beat-’em-up My Hero on the Master System. The home version kept things mostly intact, but there really wasn’t that much to preserve. Thin on gameplay and presentation, My Hero fit on a Sega card and probably left a ton of memory to spare.