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Playing an import RPG can be pretty darn hard, especially when the initial menu screen is the most text-heavy in the game! Such is the case of Falcom’s Sorcerian, which shows little mercy from the get-go. Its character creation menu and options are all in Japanese, and it’s virtually impossible to even create a character if you’re not fluent, let alone actually play the game. Many gamers never got past this, and they missed out on a decent little action/RPG. Thankfully, a partially translated ROM is out there, and it is the only way to get anywhere with the Mega Drive version.

Sega CD Reviews

Popful Mail

In 1994, Falcom and Working Designs brought forth one of the best reasons to own a Sega CD. Popful Mail’s combination of great gameplay, crisp visuals, and wonderful cut scenes produced an action/RPG classic, and it’s a game all of the system’s owners should have in their libraries.