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Genesis Reviews

David Crane’s Amazing Tennis

Interestingly enough, most tennis games on the Genesis are hit or miss. There’s a bunch from which to choose, and it can often be difficult to pick the best because each of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Amazing Tennis, courtesy of programming legend David Crane, suffers from this dilemma as well but still manages to deliver (hah!) a solid experience for fans.

Genesis Reviews

Action 52

Normally, a compilation of games is a good thing. The two stellar volumes of the Capcom Classics Collection and the awesome Taito Legends are perfect examples of how to make a set of great games. There’s a reason for that, though – the games are a blast to play. Action 52, on the other hand, is a textbook example of how to make the opposite of the sets I just mentioned. The games are laughable, and not a single one is memorable. Even the “best” of the set, Cheetahmen, has been neutered.