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Sega Gear: MD-Pro Flash Card

Wondering how to play those fan-translated ROMs on your actual Genesis hardware? Lucky for you that site contributor Zebbe hears your pleas! His latest feature is a review of Tototek’s MD-Pro Flash Card, perfect for playing such gems as Battle Mania Vintage and Monster World IV in English and in front of your TV. Check out his latest report in our Sega Gear series and see which version of the card is right for you.

Features, Sega Gear

Sega Gear: ToTotek Mega Cart

With all the accessories and peripherals available for the Genesis, you’d think you’d seen it all. Not true, my friend! The good people at Tototek have recently released the latest generation of their famous carts, and the new Mega Cart goes far beyond just playing flashed ROMs. Everything from saving CD game saves to playing imports can all be done with one handy cartridge.