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Flashback: The Quest for Identity (CD)

There’s something special about games like Flashback: The Quest for Identity. With its roots planted firmly in the computer legacy left by such classics as Out of This World, the way it manages to mesh action with an amazing story captivated gamers the world over. After seeing release on the Genesis and other consoles, the Sega CD was treated to a version that boasted enhanced cut scenes and a great soundtrack. That may not seem like much of a rationale for a CD release, but considering how great the actual game is, there really isn’t much to tweak.

Genesis Reviews

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

It’s been ported to just about every platform on Earth, but it’s always just as grand. Delphine Software’s Flashback: The Quest for Identity set a new standard in just how much could fit into a cartridge, and it showed us that a great story, wrapped around excellent gameplay, was the true way to create a classic.