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Interview: Henk Nieborg (Pixel Artist)

Pixel art is one of the undying joys of gaming. While 3D can be quick to show its age, pixel art maintains its beauty. Sega-16 recently chatted with one of the legends of pixel art design, Henk Nieborg, and he shared his experiences on creating The Misadventures of Flink, the Adventures of Lomax, and other works. Enjoy!

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Some of today’s younger gamers might not know the name Henk Nieborg, and that’s a shame. As one of the most pronounced pixel artists in gaming, his work has adorned such classic titles as Lionheart (Amiga), Shadow of the Beast (multi-platform), and The Adventures of Lomax (Playstation). The first game he designed himself was a little platformer for the Mega Drive/Sega CD called The Misadventures of Flink. Incredibly detailed and bathed in some of the most gorgeous artwork of the era, Flink was equally remembered for being very, very long – and hard (damn hard, if I do say so myself).