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Sega 32X Reviews

BC Racers (32X)

Mario Kart for the SNES opened up a whole new racing genre, one companies have been trying to excel at for more than a decade. At one time, it seemed like every company with a mascot got in on the kart rage, and Core Design threw its hat into the ring with the Chuck Rock-inspired BC Racers. A game that should have been a showcase for the new 32X, it instead fell victim to the same dull and uninspired gameplay that plagued most of the other contenders to Mario’s crown. We’ve a full review of it, so grab a club and read on!

Genesis Reviews

Skeleton Krew

Say what you will about Core Design now, but back on the Genesis and Sega CD it was smokin’ hot. Soul Star, AH3 Thunderstrike… all games that really took advantage of their hardware. Skeleton Krew wasn’t as much of a graphical showcase as those two, but it was decidedly different at the time. Unfortunately, it may have been a bit too different, and the gameplay took a hit as a result.