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Genesis Reviews

A Dinosaur’s Tale

Dinosaurs are supposed to be cool, right? Most games that have them are, but there are a few that remind us why the terrible lizards became extinct. Fucom’s take on the popular children’s movie was an effort to cash in on a license, but it never quite figured out what it wanted to be, and all it ended up doing was making dinosaurs unattractive.

Genesis Reviews

Disney’s Pocahontas

Disney’s stable of characters found a friendly home on the Genesis, and even as the console was in the twilight of its life it managed to produce quality titles that did justice to their source material. Pocahontas is one such example. Though it might not reach the same levels of quality as Aladdin and Castle of Illusion, it’s a solid adventure in its own right.

Genesis Reviews

Nightmare Circus

Completed but pulled from western release schedules at the eleventh hour, Nightmare Circus managed to make it to store shelves in South America thanks to Tec Toy. Given just how bad the game is, it’s no wonder that it was canned. Shoddy controls, poor hit detection, and an overall lack of action make this one game that would have been better off stillborn.

Sega CD Reviews

Samurai Shodown (CD)

IPPON! SNK’s Samurai Shodown sliced and diced its way onto just about every console imaginable, and many gamers expected the Sega CD version to be the best one. Sadly, this wasn’t the case. Long load times, a missing character, and an unforgivable bug hamper what is otherwise an excellent port.

Genesis Reviews

NBA Hangtime

Time to put on the shoes and BOOM SHAKA-LAKA your way to victory on the court! Wait, this isn’t NBA Jam? Ah, well NBA Hangtime is so close to the Midway classic that you’d be hard pressed to know the difference. The developers (not the same as Jam’s) tried to make their game stand out a bit from such a long shadow, but the effort was mostly hit-and-miss.