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Steven Spielberg’s Hook still draws mixed reaction from movie goers. The same goes for the game renditions, which were released on a ton of consoles. Most comparisons are between the Genesis and SNES versions, and while most would agree that Sega fans got the inferior of the two, that doesn’t mean that the game is unplayable or necessarily bad. In fact, it kind of grows on you. Read our full review for all the bangarang details.

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Hook (CD)

The story of Peter Pan has been around for over a century, and while everyone knows the classic Disney rendition, many have tried to put 1991’s “sequel” Hook out of their minds. Love it or hate it, it was a huge hit, telling the story of a grown up Peter who must return to Never Never Land to rescue his children from Captain Hook. In typical summer blockbuster fashion, it received a video game for several consoles. Sega fans had their hopes raised for the Sega CD version, expecting all kinds of goodness. Instead, they got the Genesis game with a CD soundtrack.