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Lost in the Arcade: Namco Games

Over the years, we’ve taken a look at some of the great arcade games that never made it to a home console. Many of these games – by companies such as Sega, Taito, Capcom, and Konami – could have had a great home on the Genesis and its add-ons. Sadly though, they were left behind, and it seems that we can keep adding to hat list. Arcade great Namco had a slew of console hits, but a good chunk of its catalog was left in the arcades for the duration of the 16-bit era.

Features, Lost in the Arcade

Lost in the Arcade: Konami Games

For every game released on a console, many more are left in the arcade. Konami, one of the big guns in the industry, has more than their share of abandoned coin-ops. Games which would have fit snugly on Sega’s 16-bit consoles were instead left to languish in obscurity or be enjoyed only through emulation. We’ve compiled a list of the more notable titles, which you should play in some form or another. Read our latest installment of Lost in the Arcade and wonder what could have been…