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Genesis Reviews

Lotus Turbo Challenge

There are plenty of racing games on the Genesis, and thanfully, you’ll find one much better than Lotus Turbo Challenge. Not as impressive as either its predecessor or sequel, it is the stereotypical middle child. Bland visuals and audio mix with a brutal difficulty to create one game that makes you thankful you have OutRun. Don’t believe us? Read our full review, and make tracks to a better racer.

Genesis Reviews


The range of computer ports Electronic Arts brought to the Genesis was quite broad, and everything from RPGs to platformers and action games made the jump. Even racing titles found their way onto Sega’s wonder console, and among the franchises that saw success there was the Lotus series of games. Featuring real cars and a ton of courses, the Genesis port of Lotus III was redubbed as RECS when it was ported. How did it fair against Sega’s own OutRun and others?