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Marble Madness (Game Gear)

Atari’s Marble Madness is an arcade classic that’s been ported to many different systems with varying degrees of success. The lack of the coin-op’s unique trackball controller made many of these versions inferior, but thankfully the Game Gear version is highly playable. It also looks great, making this one of the better versions out there.

Genesis Reviews

Marble Madness

Normally, you’d think that rolling a shiny metal ball around a stage without letting it fall would make for a great game. The original Marble Madness was wonderful, with its excellent trackball controller and more recently, Marble Blast Ultra on Xbox Live Arcade showed that such a game could work with a controller. But that was long after analog sticks became the norm, and poor Genesis gamers had to suffer with playing on a totally unsatisfactory D-pad. The Genesis port of Marble Madness suffered because of it, among other things, and the resulting effort was poor enough for even creator Mark Cerny to disown it!