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Junction is a game few people remember and even fewer actually played. Part of Micronet’s line up for the Genesis, it was a neat little puzzler that had players guiding a marble around a tiled stage. The complete lack of marketing caused the game to die a quick retail death. It’s a good thing then, that we’re here to remind you of why you need to give this one a try!

Sega CD Reviews

Black Hole Assault

After Capcom’s Street Fighter II exploded onto the scene, dozens of copycats popped up on consoles everywhere. Among them was Black Hole Assault, an early Sega CD brawler that was only slightly less yawn-inducing than most of the other imitations out there. Even the cool cut scenes and CD soundtrack couldn’t save this one from obscurity. Read our full review, and remember that we play bad games so you don’t have to!

Genesis Reviews


Curse was released in Japan for the Mega Drive. However, the U.S. release obviously fell through… and I never did find out what happened to the INTV Corporation, the company that was supposed to release it here. Nothing was ever released by them, it seems. Curse was supposed to be their first game, but when they vanished, so did the game.