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James Pond: Underwater Agent

Millennium’s famous fish hero, James Pond, had a series of popular games across computers and the Genesis. Rumor has it that another Pond game is in the works, but before loading your gun and packing your license to kill, why not check out our full review of the game that started it all. James Pond: Underwater Agent is a neat little platformer that will make you think as much as it will make you chuckle.

Genesis Reviews

James Pond 3: Operation Starfish

Genesis fans are well acquanted with Electronic Arts’ James Pond series. The Amiga-friendly fish had a total of four outings on Sega’s ├╝ber console, the last of which was simply massive. Featuring over a hundred levles and a Super Mario World-like world map, it took Agent Pond on a mission to stop Dr. Maybe from crippling the world’s dairy industry by mining the Moon for cheese. Seriously. We have a full review of it for you, so please chedder out. Sorry, I had to try and slip at least one cheesy joke in. Ha! See what I did there?

Genesis Reviews

Aquatic Games Starring James Pond

Genre: Sports Developer: Victordean/Millennium Publisher: Electronic Arts Players: 1-4 Released: 1992 With moderate success of the James Pond series, his first and only spin-off came into the world in Europe in ’92, to coincide with the summer Olympics, and then be released in ’93 in the U.S. Unfortunately for the oceans greatest hero, America wasn’t ready for a cartoon-themed sports […]