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Hands-On: New Adventures of Capt. S DVD

A while back we interviewed some of the PBC Productions cast and crew of the awesome New Adventures of Captain S, a Sega-themed take on the old Captain N cartoons from the ’80s. Season one has been wrapped up, and it’s now available for purchase on DVD! Staff writer Carl-Johan Brax got his hands on a copy, and he’s produced a full write up of the series and all its bonus material. Be sure to check out the full hands-on and see if this one’s worth adding to your movie library.

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Interview: PBC Productions (Creators of Captain S Series)

Nintendo fans had a blast in the late ’80s and early ’90s watching Captain N the Game Master. An average guy being warped into his favorite video games was a great concept, and Sega fans were left out. No more! PBC Productions, a New York-based film group, has spoofed the famous Nintendo series with one of their own. Called The New Adventures of Captain S, it features perhaps the biggest Sega Genesis fan in the world facing off against the evil NES and his Game Genie overlord. The series also spoofs other ’90s series, like Saved By the Bell, and is just great fun to watch. Sega-16 recently spoke with PBC head Chad Williams and Captain S himself Brett Vanderbrook about their wonderful series.