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Pier Solar and the Great Architects

After a seemingly endless wait, WaterMelon’s Pier Solar was finally unleashed upon the Genesis community last December. The game sold like hot cakes, with a third printing recently selling out, and our forums have been buzzing with discussions about the first brand-new Genesis game built from scratch in over a decade (and hopefully the first of many more). WaterMelon went all out with the packaging, and guess what?It included one hell of a game with all the goodies. This is one for the ages, my friends, so read our full review and be prepared to physically hurt yourself for not having bought this when you had the chance.

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Preview: Pier Solar and The Great Architects

Looking for the next great game for your Genesis? Then look no further my friends, because Watermelon Games has you covered with its upcoming RPG epic Pier Solar & the Great Architects. Clocking in at a massive 64 megs, it’s the first 100% all-new game to be released for the Genesis in over a decade. Make room on your shelf next to Beggar Prince folks, because there’s another new RPG coming your way! While you’re waiting for its December release, why not read our hands-on preview of the recently released demo? You know you want to!

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Interview: WaterMelon Games (Pier Solar)

With the release of Beggar Prince last year, the Genesis homebrew scene really began to gain some steam. Though not a homebrew in its own right, the game has since set off a chain of fan translations and projects that are slowly coming to the attention of gamers everywhere. But before Super Fighter Team’s sleeper hit dropped into our anxious hands, another group of developers began working on a project that, if completed, will be the first original Genesis game created and sold in a decade. Sega-16 contributor extraordinaire Zebbe tracked down the bunch and made them give up their wonderful plans.